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Your Trusted Primary Care Provider in Wexford, PA

About Martin G. Gregorio M.D. & Associates 

Gregorio M.D. & Associates is a private family medicine practice. We offer health services for families and individuals from newborn through elderly. Our office is located just 20 minutes north of Pittsburgh in the Village at Pine Shopping Plaza in Wexford, PA.

We are here to render quality medical care promptly, and professionally, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Our success depends upon our doing this well. 

Our office is home to eight highly skilled medical providers, including:

Dr. Gregorio and Associates are proud to serve Wexford and surrounding areas, and we understand that a healthy community starts and ends with everyone involved. This is the reason why we all believe that giving back to our community is essential to a healthy and unity community.

If you’re looking for a relaxed, intimate environment and quality medical care by board-certified providers, request an appointment with us today!

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